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on 4/6/17
I was more than impressed. I called for my van to be taken to your shop because it wouldn't start. Less than 3 hours later you were there to pick it up even thought you had 2 mechanics off. I received a call @ 10:00am the next day saying it was repaired. Had to have a new fuel pump. For those that don't know it's inside the fuel tank. Not an easy task. Again good job & thank you for your customer service.
on 11/24/16
Purchased snow tires, wheels, and sensors. Pleased that the tires are quite quiet on dry roads. Glad for the recommendation by Tim and the work of the guys.
on 10/26/16
We are blessed to have this car/truck fixin' facility right here in our hills of southern Allegany county. Not only are the folks pleasant but they are honest and you can trust to what they do and say. We take every car and truck to them for all our needs. Thanks Tim and Rache Hessl, you run a great business. And when we are waiting for the truck to come down off the rack, we go over and have sandwich at the Bulk foods Deli right next door. Super clean and tasty.
on 12/3/15
I enjoy my relationship with the Hess family of businesses.

Years ago we had the tire service come out and change tires on our farm. Made an old tractor look good!

I recently had my car in for service at the Hess facility on Independence Road. A very pleasant experience. I was able to visit with the owners, the staff and the mechanics. Big city service out in the country. Unique set-up.

The waiting area was clean and neat. I am well satisfied.
on 10/5/15
In 1991, I had a John Deere 2520 that had been well used, starting with the SUNY-ALFRED farm back in the 60's.

The tractor needed new tires badly and it wasn't going to be an easy job.

Hess Tire came out into the field with a pair of new tires and installed them, then and there.

They did a terrific job for which I was grateful.

A belated, but sincere thank you.